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Every day billions of spam messages are clogging mailboxes and mail systems like yours around the world. Once you start to get spam, the volume of spam will continue to increase - it is a situation that will only ever get worse.

Spam has caused huge headaches in terms of the time it wastes for individuals and the time and resources required to manage it.
Spam is a 'real-time' problem with constantly changing formats, so keeping one step ahead of spammers is a full time job.

Haven't you got better things to do with your time ?

Using a fully managed spam blocking solution like SpamBlocker makes a lot of sense. Stopping the spam before it even reaches your mail servers, saves a lot of time and money. There is less internet traffic and less load on your mailserver. An added bonus is that no software is required - so there are no updates to worry about. With a fully managed solution like SpamBlocker no technical know-how is necessary. That frees up your IT staff to do IT instead of wasting their time dealing with spam.

However not all spam blocking solutions are created equal. So if you want to know more then read our FREE Guide -
The Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Business from Spam - How to avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes

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What does spam cost you ?

Any time spent on spam is time wasted
If you have 10 employees on an average salary of $39,000/year or $150.00/day and each employee receives an average of fifty emails each day then 75% or 370 of those messages will be spam.

If each spam message takes 5 seconds to process then each employee will spend 13 hours or $259.00/year dealing with spam.

The cost of spam to the company in terms of productivity is at least    10 x $259.00 = $2590.00 / year.

On top of this you also have the cost of disk space, processor time and internet bandwidth to receive and process
all this email that you don't actually want.