How it works

The growing spam problem
Every day around 70 billion messages swarm towards businesses worldwide. Mail servers and user mailboxes are overwhelmed with spam, wasting valuable company resources and decreasing staff productivity. Valid emails often get lost in the swarm of spam meaning important business communications are missed. It is just one big headache !

A simple change
A simple change redirecting your MX records to send your mail to SpamBlocker is all that it takes to remove the load from your systems.

Proactive defence
Unlike some anti-spam systems SpamBlocker doesn't wait for spam to reach our servers and then try to combat it with dozens of filters which can overload the network. We proactively defend against spam by accurately identifying and dumping spam before it even reaches the SpamBlocker network.

Say goodbye to your spam folder
Only valid emails are sent to your server and from there into the mailboxes of your staff. If your network becomes unavailable, then SpamBlocker will queue your email, promptly delivering it when you come back online.

Spam-free inbox everyday
With SpamBlocker your inbox will be spam-free every day so you only receive the mail that you want. The result is improved productivity and security of your business and less headache.
Because you've got better things to do with your time.