No management overhead
Saves on staff time and resources as no training or management is required - SpamBlocker is completely external with no changes to software or hardware required by the customer.

Save time and money
Less staff time wasted on filtering through spam, and possibly missing important emails.

No user or domain limits
With SpamBlocker there is no user limit and no need to register or maintain a valid email address list. And there are no limits on the number of domains. Our prices are based on the volume of legitimate email you receive, not on how many email addresses, aliases or domains you have.

Real time recipient filtering
With SpamBlocker there are no recipient lists to maintain. If required, SpamBlocker will dynamically check that an email address is valid in real time.

Security guaranteed
As soon as email is delivered to your server it is permanently deleted from the SpamBlocker system.

Reduced monthly internet traffic
SpamBlocker delivers only legitimate emails to your mail server without the need to search through quarantine folders.

Disaster recovery
Your business will never lose email during unexpected downtime. SpamBlocker queues your email when your network becomes unavailable, promptly delivering it to you when you come back online.

High level technical support
SpamBlocker does not hide behind a Call Centre. We provide personal support where needed, explaining things in plain English without technical jargon and acronyms. Any issues with mail delivery are investigated immediately and a report is provided explaining reasons why mail may not been processed to customer expectations.

Server protection
Because the only mail delivered to your servers is via SpamBlocker, the firewalls on your network can be locked down to only allow server connections from the SpamBlocker Message Transfer hosts. This protects your mail servers from attacks such as Directory Harvests and Denial of Service.